In our current world, generational lines have been drawn in the sand like never before. The buying habits, values, wants, and needs of Millennials have only just begun completely reshaping many mainstay industries from the ground up as businesses evolve to meet the demands of a brand new demographic. Millennials were the first generation to have technology fully integrated into their lives from inception, and this access to immediate information on a variety of topics has transformed the landscape of consumerism as we know it.

However, there’s a lot more to Millennials than just a penchant for avocado toast and selfies. As an advisor, knowing how to communicate with, relate to, and guide this unique generation is key to growing your client portfolio and maintaining relevance in an ever-evolving marketplace. Below, I've provided LegacyShield's top 3 tips on how to successfully sell to the Millennial client (read our Aug blog, The Advisor Dilemma, for more on millennials and technology).

Step Up Your Tech Skills

Unlike previous generations, Millennials have no qualms about casual forms of communication such as texting or quick emails. In a world that moves faster than ever, Millennials often value prompt responses over the pomp and circumstance of sit-down meetings or conference calls. Don’t be surprised if texting with your clients becomes the norm as you grow your advisor relationship with them.

Additionally, Millennials are accustomed to having a wealth of information at their fingertips via the internet. Odds are, by the time you have an initial consultation with a potential Millennial client, they’ve already scoured the web to look for reviews, pricing, and much more. Stay one step ahead by making sure your website and online presence are in tip-top shape. If your information is readily available, easy for them to digest, and helpful, you’re much more likely to attract a Millennial client.

Selling To The Savvy Consumer

Generally speaking, Millennials have a lower median income than previous generations, which naturally means less disposable income. As the majority of this generation enters their 30s and begins to buy homes and start families, they will also begin looking to the future for financial planning. Thanks to the internet, they have a seemingly endless and often overwhelming choice when it comes to products, services, and advisors. They are able to digitally price-shop when necessary, which sets them apart even more from previous generations.

When working with a Millennial client, we recommend keeping things as simple, budget-aware, and easy as possible. Work on building the relationship person to person rather than salesperson to customer. Contrary to their parents and grandparents, Millennials don’t appreciate a hard sell. They value connection and customized solutions that fit their unique lifestyles and individual goals.

Connection, Communication, & Community


This generation prefers to buy from people, not businesses. With the constant onslaught of ads and sales pitches that they receive digitally, Millennials have become desensitized to traditional marketing tactics. They believe strongly in what it means to be an individual and will value those same attributes in the advisors they decide to work with.

Additionally, this generation has a strong sense of social justice. You may be asking yourself how this relates to your role as a financial advisor; however, understanding the fundamentals of what motivates a Millennial to make a purchasing decision can give you valuable insight into their decision-making process. As a generation plagued by student loans, rising health insurance costs, and stagnant wages, they often view products such as life insurance and financial planning as necessary evils. It’s up to you as the advisor to not only explain the value but provide both short- and long-term planning for your Millennial client that is streamlined and achievable.

Adding an option such as LegacyShield to your product portfolio can help to bridge the gap and illuminate the path of financial planning for your Millennial client. As the original technology generation, they understand, trust, and know the value of cloud-based digital storage. Being able to offer modern digital storage solutions that they may already be familiar with will not only help you connect with your client but also show them that you understand their need for custom solutions in these modern times.

Krystal Lockwood

Written by Krystal Lockwood

Krystal has spent her entire career advising executives on how to grow their businesses with modern sales techniques and software solutions. As LegacyShield's Vice President of Sales, Krystal works with insurance and financial professionals to build their business and provide relevant value-added services to their practices.