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Discover how you can help your clients get more out of LegacyShieldSM to protect their families

By helping clients protect what matters most to them you will build closer relationships as their trusted advisor.
But to achieve that, you first need to have an inside-out understanding of everything that LegacyShieldSM does and how it benefits your clients...

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Training will include:


A full demo of LegacyShieldSM, highlighting all of its key features:

  • Vault - for securing important documents
  • Admin section - for storing key online & offline account information
  • Final wishes section for communicating the awkward stuff
  • Life story for all the memories and stories people want to preserve

Explanation of how each feature enhances your clients sense of security and peace of mind, and protects everything important.


Overview of LegacyShieldBuilder highlighting the extra features it provides:

  • Estate planning documents templates
  • Learn the types of questions to ask your clients to uncover sales
  • 10 Solutions LegacyShieldBuilder provides
  • Protect more families

Full explanation of who needs what: which clients need the extra functionality and tools that Builder provides.


An introduction to the Advisor Portal

This will help you provide you with a thorough understanding of LegacyShieldSM.

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  • Coupon for limited-time discount on LegacyShieldBuilder

What Happens Next?

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    • Discount coupons for clients who sign up to LegacyShieldBuilder
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